2021 Region-10 Second Round of Call for Proposals – Social Media Challenge under Educational Activities

Important dates

Project call opens:18th June 2021
Submission Deadline:30th July 2021
Announcement of shortlisted projects 25 August 2021
Duration given to organise projects26th August 2021- 10th October 2021
Reporting deadline 30th October 2021


The IEEE R10 Educational Activities (EA) Social Media Challenges aims to recognize groups of IEEE members for the efforts and dedicated contribution in the promotion and implementation of educational activities through social media in the following areas.

  • Promote educational activities through social media.
  • Distinguishing contribution to the design, delivery, and support of continuing education courses and programs in the fields of interest to IEEE on social media 
  • Volunteering of time and effort for the informal education community 
  • Outstanding publicity effect on social media in the field of interest of IEEE and whose publicity effect has made a major impact to community 


R10 EA Social Media Challenge has been established to encourage all IEEE R10 Council, Section, Subsection, Student Branch, Student branch Society chapter and other Affinity Groups to promote educational activities including Reaching local initiatives in all social media platforms. 


• IEEE Region 10 EA Social Media Challenge targets IEEE R10 Councils, Sections, Subsections, Student Branch, Society Chapters, Women in Engineering (WIE), Young Professional and Life Members Affinity Groups.

• A member of the R10 EA subcommittee cannot be involved with the nominated group.

Submission Process for EAC Proposals

The proposals should be submitted via the R10 Education Activity submission Portal (link) with the following steps:

Step 1: Access the R10 Educational Activity Submission Portal https://events.ieeer10.org/

Step 2: Register as a “user” or Login with your IEEE/Google account. After registration, wait for 48 hours -72 Hours in case the user is not subsection / section/ council for account verification from IT team. On approval and verification of user account from IT team, one can start uploading of proposal.

Step 3: Select the funding category from R10 Educational Activities drop-down menu (2021 IEEE R10 Educational Activities Social Media Challenge )

Step 4: Complete the fields and download the template for Proposal, keep handy the filled proposal. (The proposal format should follow the template provided. Please download the proposal template at R10 EA homepage https://ea.ieeer10.org/ and also available in this announcement.

Step 5: Upload the proposal

Step 6: Submit the Proposal.

Step 7: Request & receive endorsement.

Once the endorsement is received, the proposal gets automatically completed in the system. No further action is needed.

If you are not able to submit proposal through funding portal or facing difficulties then, proposal in required template can be sent to region10eab@gmail.com & CC to preetibajaj@ieee.org

Evaluation criteria

The IEEE R10 EA Social Media Challenge will be selected based on the following points relating to the nominated group’s eligibility:

・Contribution for the scope of R10 EA 

  1. Quality of the contents/information of the short video on social media 
  2. Purpose and objectives 
  3. Collaboration with Student Branch/YP/WIE Affinity Group or other groups 
  4. All the post needs to be in the form of infographic or short video on at least 4 social media platform with tagging IEEE R10 and hashtag #IEEER10EA
  5. The number of participants view the event in social media (minimum of 100 views in each social media platform 
  6. Quantity of activities and programs.
  7. Other factors 
  • Uniqueness of the approach 
  • Outreach & societal implication 
  • Authenticity, innovation, relevance, of the content to the IEEE community. 
  • The reactions to the content will be also observed.


The winning entries will receive support for their projects as indicated in the followings :

6 commendation projects will receive USD 50 each. 

Total Fund: USD 300

All winning entries are required to: 

1. Post at least four social media on contents related to IEEE educational activities with tagging IEEE R10 for 1 single project. 

2. Ensure the minimum of 100 views in each social media platform

2. Provide the translation in local language for the short video posted in the social media platform as part of reaching locals initiative.

3. All winning entries are required to submit a final report and submit claims for reimbursement before 1st October 2021. All the reimbursement will be given after the submission and approval from IEEE R10 EA committees. 

Record/ Notification 

R10 Educational Activities Committee Chair will notify the result of selection by e-mail to individual recipient. 

Please make sure that an acknowledgement is received after sending the complete form in a few days, or it should be assumed that the submission is not received.

For more details and enquiries, please contact R10 Educational Activities Committee at: region10eab@gmail.com