Workshop on TryEngineering and STEM

2022 IEEE R10 Educational Activities Call for Proposal – workshop on TryEngineering and STEM


IEEE Region 10 Educational Activities Committee (EAC) are committed to providing quality pre-university-level educational resources for teachers, parents, students, IEEE volunteers, and the general public. Hence, IEEE Region 10 Educational Activities Committee (EAC) would like to invite all IEEE members IEEE R10 Council, Section, Subsection, Society Chapter, Women in Engineering (WIE), Young Professional and Life Members Affinity Groups to submit proposals for workshops on Educational Activities (EA) products through pre-university education.

About Workshop on TryEngineering & STEM

Workshop on TryEngineering and STEM enables IEEE volunteers to share their technical expertise and demonstrate the application of engineering concepts to support the teaching and learning of science, mathematics, and technology disciplines. IEEE EAB has developed a series of lesson plans of educational content for use by teachers in their classrooms. Each activity follows standard education adopted by most countries and includes three parts: abstracts for the teacher, worksheets for students and activities to develop, including those relating to assessment. The IEEE Educational Activities (EA) Try Engineering lesson plans help to support teachers on using the lesson plans both virtually or in the classroom.


The main focus of this program would be pre-university teachers to enhance the classroom learning of school children in STEM. The program includes the development of their own activities, the presentation of technology-oriented topics by IEEE volunteers to pre-university teachers, as part of a service or professional development. 

The main objective of this Workshop is to provide support for school teachers to implement the developed lesson plans and tool kits in both virtual and physical classrooms on a regular basis. 

The goals of this program are to 

  1. Empower section volunteers to collaborate with their local pre-university community;
  2. Enhance the level of technical literacy of pre-university educators such as teachers, parents, students, IEEE volunteers, and the general public.
  3. Encourage pre-university students to pursue careers in STEM, including engineering;
  4. The workshop comprises lesson plans which demonstrate the application of engineering, science and mathematics concepts using cheap and easily available materials.


• IEEE Region 10 EA targets IEEE R10 Councils, Sections, Subsections, Student Branch, Society Chapters, Women in Engineering (WIE), Young Professional and Life Members Affinity Groups.

• Nominated group must be endorsed by IEEE Sections Educational Activities Coordinator and the group has made an identifiable creative proposal toward the scope of R10 EA.

• A member of the R10 EA subcommittee cannot be involved with the nominated group.

Evaluation criteria

The IEEE R10 EA Proposal will be selected based on the following points relating to the submitted draft from respective group:

Contribution for the scope of R10 EA 

  1. Purpose and objectives 
  2. Collaboration with Student Branch/YP/WIE Affinity Group or other groups 
  3. The number of expected participants 
  4. Type of activities planned
  5. Other factors 
  • Uniqueness of the approach 
  • Outreach & societal implication 
  • Authenticity, innovation, relevance, of the content to the IEEE community. 
  • The reactions to the content will be also observed. 

If no candidate is found to be suitable, no proposal will be sanctioned in the year. 

Proposal Funding Support

  • Once the proposal gets approved, the participant OU would be supported by IEEE R10 EA with 150 USD with matching grant of 150 USD from section 
  • Ten such Workshops would be selected in 2022.

Terms & Conditions

For a proper TryEngineering and STEM Workshop to be organized the following rules apply:

  1. A minimum of 30 school teachers have to participate in the workshop either virtually or face to face or in Blended mode (few in face to face and few online) 
  2. The event will be a minimum of one day or a maximum of two days long.
  3. The event dates will fall within the Workshop month (October 2021). Some workshops can be held outside the Workshop months to accommodate local schedules of the schools. 
  4. A presentation of IEEE and IEEE Educational Activities has to be held
  5. The workshop need to use IEEE Educational Activities lesson plans such as Try Engineering lesson plans that helps to support teachers on using the lesson plans both virtually or in the classroom.…


The proposal template is available at R10 EA homepage ( The proposals must be completed by any OU and endorsed by the parent Council/Section/Subsection with the commitment of matching grant of USD 150. 

The proposal shall contain the following information (as shown in the template):

  1. Executive summary of the innovation challenge to be hosted (maximum 300 words)
  2. Introduction and description of the activities including anticipated expenses.
  3. How does the program align with IEEE goals and effective use of IEEE resources such as IEEE TryEngineering. 
  4. Measurement or assessment of the educational outcomes and impact of the program to the participants and community
  5. Innovative aspect of the program
  6. Proposal must be endorsed by Council/Section/Subsection Chair. 


The participant has to submit the detailed proposal in prescribed format on R10 Funding Proposal submission:

  1. Step 1: Access the R10 Educational Activity Call for proposal Submission Form Submission link:
  2. Step 2: Select the funding category from R10 Educational Activities drop-down menu 
  3. Step 3: Complete the questionnaires
  4. Step 4: Request & receive endorsement in the template given.
  5. Step 4: Upload the proposal in the google form(The proposal format should follow the template provided). Please download the proposal template at R10 EA homepage

If you are not able to submit proposal through funding portal or facing difficulties then, proposal in required template can be sent to & CC to

All winning entries are required to: 

  1. Prepare a short video and infographic about the event, post in respective IEEE social media and add the hashtag #IEEER10EAWorkshop #IEEER10EAReachingLocals 
  2. All the activities should be reported to IEEE STEM portal. 
  3. It is recommended to provide the translation in local language for the short video posted in the social media. 
  4. All awarded Council/Section/Subsection are required to submit a final report and submit claims for reimbursement before 1st November 2022. All the reimbursement will be given after the submission and approval from IEEE R10 EA committees. 

Record/ Notification 

R10 Educational Activities Committee Chair will notify the result of selection by e-mail to participants and from R10 EA website.

For any queries on submission of proposals please contact by email to cc to Prof. Preeti Bajaj


Project call opens: 18th February 2022

Submission Deadline: 15 April 2022

Announcement of shortlisted projects 30 April 2022

Duration given to organise projects 30 April 2022- 1 September 2022

Reporting deadline 1 September 2022