2021 R10 EA Project outcome

TargetProposals completed Project Outcome
Project 1  : EA Chairs in OU Try-Engineering And STEM108No of sections- 37/60 and  10/40 subsections having and 2/6 Council 8 Try Engineering and STEM  Workshops  2000  plus participants
Project 2 : “Reaching Local Initiatives”10024Recording :55 15 No of languages (Languages used: Arabic, Cantonese, Tamil, Indonesian, Kashmiri, Japanese, Bengali, Malay, Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, Malayalam, Kannada and Chinese, Marathi etc)   24 OUs  & 9 countries  outreach 3000 direct viewers, YouTube channel created: likes 100
Project 3: Capacity Building Workshop86No of OUs 23 participated in organization and collaborated 
Project 4 : New InnovationChallenge1044 sections/Subsections  participated 
Total accepted proposals41


Recording for IEEE R10 SEOC Webinar : https://youtu.be/jCH1XGjk8os