2021 Region-10 Second Round of Call for Proposals- Capacity Building Workshop under Educational Activity

Important dates

Project call opens:18th June 2021 
Submission Deadline:30th July 2021
Announcement of shortlisted projects 25 August 2021
Duration given to organise projects26th August 2021- 10th October 2021
Reporting deadline 30th October 2021


IEEE Region 10 Educational Activities Committee (EAC) would like to invite all IEEE members of R10 Council, Section, Subsection, Society Chapter, Women in Engineering (WIE), Young Professional and Life Members Affinity Groups to submit workshop proposals on capacity building amongst various Education leadership teams of different IEEE OU’s on Education Policy/Curriculum Development/Accreditation/Disruptive Technologies/Education 4.0 with minimum involvement of FIVE OU’s. 

The workshop engagement activity is launched with the purpose of 

  1. Capacity Building Opportunity for IEEE members and to enlighten them with global best practices in education.
  2. To encourage collaboration between IEEE units.


All IEEE Region 10 Council, Section, Subsection, Society Chapter, Women in Engineering (WIE), Young Professional and Life Members Affinity Groups, Student Branch can apply.

Evaluation criteria

  1. Innovative aspect of the engagement workshop proposal
  2. Number of OU’s, Sections, Countries involved ( In terms of Speakers, Audience) 
  3. Educational outcomes of the proposed workshop

FUNDS (250 USD for 8 Proposals)

The IEEE OU has to apply for hosting the innovation challenge endorsed by the parent Council/Section/Subsection with the commitment of matching grant of USD 250.


Maximum Eight such workshop proposals would be sanctioned by IEEE R10 EAC in a year.


The proposal template is available at R10 EA homepage (https://ea.ieeer10.org/). The proposals must be completed by any OU/Affinity Group and endorsed by the parent Council/Section/Subsection with the commitment of matching grant of USD 250. 

The proposal shall contain the following information (as shown in the template):

  1. Executive summary of the workshop to be hosted (maximum 300 words)
  2. Introduction and description of the activities including anticipated expenses.
  3. The platform proposed (Preferably virtual /blended mode)
  4. Theme
  5. Measurement or assessment of the educational outcomes and impact of the program to the participants and community
  6. Innovative aspect of the program
  7. Number of OU’s Involved
  8. Proposal must be endorsed by Council/Section/Subsection Chair.

Submission Process for EAC Proposals

The proposals should be submitted via the R10 Education Activity submission Portal (link) with the following steps:

Step 1: Access the R10 Educational Activity Submission Portal https://events.ieeer10.org/

Step 2: Register as a “user” or Login with your IEEE/Google account. (The verification and approval of the new user will be done by R-10 IT team within 48 hours -72 Hours ( in case the user is not subsection / section/ council). After receiving the verification, the user can login and start the submission process accordingly.

Step 3: Select the funding category from R10 Educational Activities drop-down menu (R10 Educational Activities Capacity Building Workshop )

Step 4: Complete the fields and download the template for Proposal, keep handy the filled proposal. (The proposal format should follow the template provided. Please download the proposal template .

Step 5: Upload the proposal

Step 6: Submit the Proposal.

Step 7: Request & receive endorsement.

Once the endorsement is received, the proposal gets automatically completed in the system. No further action is needed.

If you are not able to submit proposal through funding portal or facing difficulties then, proposal in required template can be sent to region10eab@gmail.com & CC to preetibajaj@ieee.org 

All project award entries are required to:

  1. Prepare a short video and info-graphic about the event, post in respective IEEE social media and add the hashtag #IEEER10EAInnovationChallenge #IEEER10EAReachingLocals
  2. All the activities should be reported to IEEE R10 portal.
  3. It is recommended to provide the translation in local language for the short video posted in the social media.
  4. All awarded Council/Section/Subsection are required to submit a final report and submit claims for reimbursement before 1st November 2021. All the reimbursement will be given after the submission and approval from IEEE R10 EA committees.

For more details and enquiries, please contact R10 Educational Activities Committee at: region10eab@gmail.com