Report on IEEE R10 Educational Activity Orientation Workshop 2: Event Management

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Title: IEEE R10 Educational Activity Orientation Workshop 2: Event Management

Date: 5th June 2021

Time: 07.00 am- 09.00am Indian Standard time

Duration: 2 hours

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Platform: Zoom

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Meeting ID: 939 5616 2363

Passcode: 12345

Organizer: IEEE Region 10 Educational Activities Youtube recordedsession: Website: https://ea.ieeer10.orgFunding Portal Website:

Report Prepared by: Amoli Belsare

IEEE Region 10 Educational Activity Committee 2021 has organized an Event Management Training for all approved proposal coordinators from OU’s and IEEE members of R10 Council, Section, Subsection, Society Chapter, Women in Engineering (WIE), Young Professional andLife Members, Affinity Groups across Region 10. The theme of the workshop was EA Activity Orientation Workshop2: Event Management which was held on Saturday, 5th June 2021virtually.

Prof. Aliza Aini, event coordinator started the workshop with event preamble and then all were welcome by Dr. Preeti Bajaj, Chair, EAC R10. Dr. Preeti has also briefed about various proposals, deadlines and selection of events of various OU’s in R10. Further the session progressed with a short interactive session on introduction of each participant. After the shortintroduction of all council/section representatives, Aliza discussed an overview of pre-event andduring event checklist, and event planning

tools. She has also informed participants about event conduction guidelines and individualevent requirements to the participants.

In the next segment of workshop Dr. Amoli briefed all participants on post event report format, Funding & Reimbursement process for event to be conducted by them. She also listed the checkpoints to be added in the detailed post event report. Lastly Usman Ali has took over thesession to guide all on how social media platform can be used for event promotion and how thecations could be added in event video. He demonstrated the caption writing and FB page eventcreation for more outreach. Towards the end, Dr. Preeti Bajaj has concluded the workshop with formal vote of thanks. She appreciated the support and guidance from R10 Director, Secretary,web in charge and social media committee of R10. At the end with the introduction of fewparticipants and Q&A session, the workshop was concluded.

Aliza Aini, Amoli Belsare, Usman Ali were the event coordinators and we received 33 participants from different OU’s under R10 and all selected event coordinators. The participantswere happy from the training provided and appreciated the efforts put in by R10 EAC Teamunder the able guidance of Chair, EAC.

Few glimpses for the program: