2021 Region 10 EAC’s Call for Proposal for “Reaching Local Initiatives”

IEEE Region 10 Educational Activities Committee (EAC) invites Sections & OUs to submit proposals for ‘REACHING LOCALS Initiatives’ to conduct activities or participate in the production of resources to reach out to the community using local languages.

The goal of the project is to fulfil the IEEE 2020-2025 Strategic Plan – “Enhance public understanding of engineering and technology”, and “Be a trusted source of educational services and resources to support Life-Long Learning”.

Objectives of REACHING LOCALS:

IEEE R10 OU’s are invited to conduct activities for reaching out to the community with local languages in order to:

Raise the awareness of IEEE’s brand and logo, Enhance public understanding of engineering and technology, Provide a trusted source of educational resources and services, and, Inspire a worldwide audience and expand knowledge for the benefit of humanity. IEEE Region 10 Educational Activities PROJECT REACHING LOCALS aims to encourage and support local OU’s such as Councils, Sections, Sub-sections, Chapters, Student Branches, WIE, YP, Life members and Affinity Groups to conduct activities and/or produce resources to reach out to the community using local languages. The scope and purposes of the activities must be within the Field of Interest of IEEE and activity should be either in any of the local languages of R-10/ in English with subtitles in Local language/ Bi-languages. The same must be live on several social media including You tube channel of Reaching locals. 

Supports from IEEE R10 will be provided in the following two options:

  • To conduct activities reaching out to non-English speaking communities with local languages. Level of participation will be based on number of events, number of participants, targeted groups (such as students, professionals, affinity groups, life members…etc) and other merits. All participating OU’s and their coordinators shall be awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation. 
  • To develop translations of IEEE resources such as subtitles for videos or webinars on technical subjects in IEEE Fields of Interest, or, translation of existing materials from other IEEE OUs such as IEEE REACH and EAB. 

The amount of support will be up to a maximum of $150 each activity/program. The amount could be used for professional services and to be claimed as reimbursements in accordance with IEEE policy on expenses. The Scope and plan of the proposal can be discussed if required with the Chair of R10 EAC. It is expected that outcomes from this initiative will lead to long lasting impact. The sections/coordinators shall be responsible for permissions from speakers/ OUs (if their materials are to be used) prior to confirmation and commencement of the project. Support shall be given for 80-100 such events each with at least of 40-60 Minutes Proposal must be endorsed by Section Educational Activities (EA) Chair /Section Chair /OU coordinator for education activity. 


Project call opens:7th March 2021
Submission Deadline:25 April 2021 30 April 2021 (Extended)
Announcement of shortlisted projects 10 May 2021
Duration given to organise projects15 May – 30th September 2021
Reporting deadline 30th October 2021


The participant has to submit the detailed proposal in prescribed format on R10 Funding Proposal Portal:

  1. Access the R10 Educational Activity Submission Portal https://events.ieeer10.org/
  2. Register as a “user” or Login with your IEEE/Google account (The verification and approval of the new user will be done by R-10 IT team within 48 hours -72 Hours ( in case the user is not subsection / section/ council). After receiving the verification, the user can login and start the submission process accordingly.
  3. Complete the questionnaires
  4. Uploaded proposal format should follow the proposal template provided.
  5. Request & receive endorsement.

If you are not able to submit proposal through funding portal or facing difficulties then, proposal in required template can be sent to region10eab@gmail.com & CC to preetibajaj@ieee.org , ravi.tiwari@ieee.org

Reporting Requirements:

The following information is required for reporting purposes:

  • Name and details of OU that conducted the online activities and/or production of resources in local languages. 
  • Descriptions and list of online activities and/or the resources used. Metrics adopted, such as the number of participants in the event or usage of the IEEE resources.
  • Discussion on the scalability and sustainability of the initiative. (This may lead to further projects to be supported by other IEEE funding sources.)
  • Recommendations and Feedbacks from participants (if any).
  • Link of recorded sessions. 
  • Social media (whether broadcasted live?) 
  • Details of Resource person 100 words description in English for the event 2 Photos of the event User Experience in the social media (minimum 2)
  • Enquiry if any can be contacted to ravi.tiwari@ieee.org and usmanmali@ieee.org with cc to region10eab@gmail.com .